We support athletes with intellectual disabilities

Foundation and its mission

Our mission is strengthening the position of people with intellectual disabilities by including them in general and competitive sports, and by showing the world that they are capable of hard work and achieving above-average results.

Goals and methods of implementation

We strive to popularize the sports activity of disabled people. We support athletes on their way to the championship, organizing training, competitions and sports camps, and helping them prepare.

We create conditions for building a group of high-performance athletes with intellectual disabilities. We recruit those who have extraordinary potential in specific disciplines and see their future in sports. We prepare individual training programs tailored to the capabilities of our pupils.

We run training and information campaigns aimed at teachers, caregivers and parents, which are supposed to raise their awareness of the benefits of physical activity of people with disabilities. We communicate with public institutions in order to increase organizational and financial support of the sport of people with intellectual disability, and to improve legal regulations. We talk with the business community, looking for sponsors and patrons. For companies, we develop programs in the field of corporate social responsibility, including activities for the benefit of sports of disabled people, which can be easily implemented into business strategies and presented in relation to the obligation to report non-financial data regarding environmental, employee and social issues.

We support activities aiming at involving athletes with intellectual disabilities in the Paralympic Games. To achieve this, we integrate sports environment, run media campaigns, and promote athletes and their achievements.

Our Foundation is a member of the Związek Stwoarzyszeń Sportowych Sprawni-Razem (the only officially recognized organization in Poland dealing with competitive sports for people with intellectual disabilities), as well as international sports organizations for people with Down Syndrome: Sports Union for Athletes with Down Syndrome, International Athletic Association for Persons with Down Syndrome and Down Syndrome International Swimming Organization. As part of our membership, it is our responsibility to represent and promote these organizations in the country.



Paulina Gadomska-Dzięcioł

Propagator of sports activity of people with intellectual disabilities. Author and producer of campaigns promoting sports events for people with disabilities.

A PR specialist by profession. A lawyer and marketer by education (law studies at the University of Warsaw and studies in management and marketing at Warsaw School of Economics). For many years, she has been advising in the field of integrated marketing communication. She runs her own PR agency. In private life, she is a mother of Ada, and Zosia, who has Down syndrome.

Founder and president of the Foundation for Sports of the Intellectually Disabled.